‘Chemtrails’ – What Might Be Done?

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Upon further reflection – with the passage of time – I am of the opinion that there is much more here that warrants a spirited public discussion.

Although I have yet to discover the precise identity of those elements that are being released into the environment via a governmentally sanctioned entity, I am assured that an ‘agenda’ is in fact in place.

Rather than maintaining an optimistic attitude concerning the potential for ‘catastrophe aversion’ that may be associated with the policy that is at the root of this questionable behavior, I am compelled to ‘error’ on the side of an assessment of this strange activity that does not, perhaps, have as its parallel motivation the acquisition of wealth at the expense – mental, emotional, physical, and otherwise – of the public at large.

Where do we go from here?

I strongly urge all who might share my concern as stated – particularly, those who may be the most at risk…the ‘elderly’ and the ‘immune challenged’…to consider what measures might be incorporated in order to thwart the risk of exposure and to ameliorate the onset of any associated ‘harmful effects’.

What might be done?

Working together with what we ‘know collectively’ how might we begin to share the synergy associated with the evolving symbiosis?

I humbly suggest a concerted re-appreciation and return to technologically benignly supported and enhanced ‘NATURE’ within the constraining context imposed upon us by our current societal state…’within but also remote’ in the best sense of the expression.

There is ‘something’ in the air; however, working together, we might begin to turn a ‘sow’s ear into a silk purse’ and forego the ravaging of our minds and bodies that many of us fear might befall us should we decide to do nothing.

More to follow…


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Chemtrails : Where can we go from here?

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Try as I might to envision a benevolently derived ‘geo-engineering‘ attempt at a mitigation of the presumed global warming crisis with which we seem to be faced in the form of ‘cloud whitening‘, ‘solar radiation obscurification’, or a  ‘sunscreen for planet earth‘ as espoused by Dr. Edward Teller -‘Father of the Hydrogen Bomb’ – back in 1997 somewhat before his demise in 2003 at the ripe old age of 95 (sometimes the ‘good’, they die ‘young’) –  I just can’t begin to shake the feeling that certain segments of ‘us’ might have been considered ‘sacrificial’ in the interests of attaining a measured form of success.

To this I ask: How could anyone – or group – possibly know the full extent of  the ramifications associated with the devised ‘game plan’, and even if so, and a ‘reasonable justification’ had evolved, not allow for public opinion to inform the discussion?  In case anyone hasn’t noticed, our ‘Leaders’ have not been maintaining a very high batting average.  Admittedly, in their defense, there does appear to be much to be confused by; however, be that as it might … if it is contended by the ‘cognoscenti’ that the natural forces at play here can indeed be ‘personified’ such that it is feared that ‘secrecy’ or ‘misinformation’ must be the order of the day, then we are in real trouble.

In all sincerity I do not believe that this particular strain of cat has a chance of getting back into the bag given the level of secrecy associated with this maneuver as observed to date; moreover, I believe that we can only hope that there will be a modicum of ‘event specific compassion’ that will become more prevalent as the inevitable ‘downside’ becomes more obvious and widespread.

More to come…



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